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© Rafał Wojtunik / The Impossible Journey

Rafał Wojtunik – TBPI Concept Art

Rafał Wojtunik - His first important project he had a big creative part in was an animated featurette “Fallen Art”. He also wrote and directed “Animated Guide to Polish Success” intended for Expo 2010 in Shanghai.
© Maciej Rębisz

Maciej Rębisz – TBPI Concept Art

Maciej Rębisz - There are various projects in his portfolio including “Cyberpunk 2077”, “The Ambition” or “Polish Legends”. He is also an author of pictures for game cards including “Android Netrunner”, “Star Wars LCG”, “Core Worlds”, and various book covers.
© Przemek Kotyński

Przemek Kotyński – TBPI Concept Art

Przemek Kotyński - He graduated from Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Warsaw Technical University under tutelage of Professor Krzysztof Marciniak. He considers a short animated film in his direction, “Bloody Sunday” as his most important concept art project nominated to Animago Award 2015 and awarded with KTR silver statue in Warsztat Audio Video category.
© Krzysztof Rosłan

Krzysztof Rosłan – TBPI Concept Art

Krzysztof Rosłan - He is Architect Engineer graduated from Architecture and Urban Planning Department at Warsaw Technical University. He had an opportunity to take part in various projects including: a game “Disney Vacation Club Sweepstakes” or short animation “Casino Saga — Roulette Chase”, and also work on space concepts and its elements for Aviva Foundation spot “Wojna z rakiem”.
© Piotr Arendzikowski

Piotr Arendzikowski – TBPI Concept Art

Piotr Arendzikowski - He graduated from Land Management at Department of Surveying and Mapping of Warsaw Technical University. He worked with many companies including Platige Image, Cryptozoic, Sony Online Entertainment, Fantasy Flight Games, CIGames, ORKA Studio, Arrinera Automotive or Paizo Publishing.
© Krystian Biskup

Krystian Biskup – TBPI Concept Art

Krystian Biskup - On everyday basis he works with cinematics like “League of Legends: Wild Magic” for Riot Games, and also on commercials and movies. His list of clients includes studios like: Juice, Axis Animation, Axis VFX or Creative Assembly.
© Grzegorz Rutkowski / 2013 Applibot, Inc.

Grzegorz Rutkowski – TBPI Concept Art

Grzegorz Rutkowski - He worked with known graphic studios including: CD Projekt Red, Ubisoft or Games Workshop. Among many of his ventures he had an opportunity to take part in, he especially appreciates creating illustration for “Rise of the Overloards” project and also a promotional picture for game “The Witcher 3; Wild Hunt”.
© Grzegorz Przybyś

Grzegorz Przybyś – TBPI Concept Art

Grzegorz Przybyś - He began his career as an illustrator and concept artist in 2007 when he initiated cooperation with Wrocław Techland company. Three years later he established studio Division 48 with his brother to create illustrations, animations and promotional materials.
© Darek Zabrocki

Darek Zabrocki – TBPI Concept Art

Darek Zabrocki - He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk under tutelage of Professor Maciej Świerszewski. He worked with many acknowledged companies including 20th Century Fox, Framestore, CD Projekt RED, Universal, Ubisoft, Blur, Wizards of the Coast, Sony and Creative Assembly.
© Damian Bajowski

Damian Bajowski – TBPI Concept Art

Damian Bajowski - Bajowski graduated from Architecture and Urban Planning at Białystok Technical University. He co-worked with computer games: “The Witcher” and “Dawn of War III” or with short animated movie, “The Ark”.