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© Bogna Gawrońska / CD Projekt RED

Bogna Gawrońska – TBPI Concept Art

Bogna Gawrońska - Concept art is for Gawrońska both passion and a kind of artistic craft which demands time, determination and constant skill improvement. Recently she has been working with CD Projekt Red where she works on game “Gwent”.
© Bartłomiej Gaweł / CD Projekt RED

Bartłomiej Gaweł – TBPI Concept Art

Bartłomiej Gaweł - He graduated Sculpture at Painting and Sculpture Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław in Professor Leon Podsiadły's studio. Professionally works for CD Projekt Red. He took part in works on every part of game “The Witcher”.
© Artur Sadłos / Conceptverse

Artur Sadłos – TBPI Concept Art

Artur Sadłos - He has been a successful concept artist, illustrator and art director. He designs for video games industry, makes animations and creates for the film industry.
© Adrianna Głowacka

Adrianna Głowacka – TBPI Concept Art

Adrianna Głowacka - Głowacka finished New Art Media Department at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. She designed scenography for Roma Theatre’s musical “Pilots” and for Music Theatre in Gdynia scenography for “Peter Pan” musical.