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© Sławomir Maniak

Sławomir Maniak – TBPI Concept Art

Sławomir Maniak - Maniak graduated from Law Department at Gdańsk University but on the field of concept art and illustration being his main professional area, he is a self-educated person. Although he began his adventure with art during law studies, he quickly developed his talents.
© Marek Okoń / Applibot Inc.

Marek Okoń – TBPI Concept Art

Marek Okoń - He worked with great American film studios including Warner Bros, Marvel, Thunder Road Pictures and 20th Century Fox, and also with video games companies like: Activision, Naughty Dog and Ubisoft.
© Marek Madej / CD Projekt RED

Marek Madej – TBPI Concept Art

Marek Madej - He reached himself the presented level gaining acclaim of many clients The list includes: CD Projekt RED, Platige Image, Breakpoint, Farm 51, Teyon, Human Ark, Privateer Press and Paizo Publishing.
© Sławek Fedorczuk

Sławek Fedorczuk – TBPI Concept Art

Sławek Fedorczuk - He graduated from Philosophy Department of University of Szczecin. He is also a graduate of 3D Animation and Special Effects Academy – Drimagine. He worked with animated series in 3D, “Kacperiada” and took part in concept works for animated series “Flying Bear and the Gang”.
© Marcin Panasiuk

Marcin Panasiuk – TBPI Concept Art

Marcin Panasiuk - he graduated from Architecture and Urban Planning at Architecture Department of Białystok Technical University. He won Engineer diploma under tutelage of PhD Eng.-Arch. Zdzisław Pelczarski. He worked on the following projects: a short 3D movie “Lego The Movie: 4D”, he collaborated on full-length film “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV”, and also animated film “Fatima”.
© Sandra Duchiewicz

Sandra Duchiewicz – TBPI Concept Art

Sandra Duchiewicz - She studied animation at Graphic Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She has been living and professionally fulfilling herself for five years in Great Britain
© Marcin Karolewski

Marcin Karolewski – TBPI Concept Art

Marcin Karolewski - He graduated from Graphic Design in Graphic and Media Art Department at The Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław under tutelage of Professor Roman Kowalik. Among other projects, he co-worked on film “Cloud Atlas”, and Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games commercial spot for BBC awarded with prestigious BAFTA award.
© Marcin Jakubowski

Marcin Jakubowski – TBPI Concept Art

Marcin Jakubowski - He finished Management with computer science specialisation at Informatics and Econometrics Faculty of University in Gdańsk. He made great contribution in the following projects: “Smallfoot”, “Klaus” or in many concepts of original animated movies by The SPA Studios.
© Magdalena Radziej

Magdalena Radziej – TBPI Concept Art

Magdalena Radziej - Radziej took her first steps in computer games in Artifex Mundi. Currently she works as a concept artist for Flying Wild Hog studio. She made for them visualisations of stylized Japanese worlds and female characters concepts for a computer game, “Shadow Warrior II”.
© Magdalena Pągowska

Magdalena Pągowska – TBPI Concept Art

Magdalena Pągowska - She was graduated MA of Cultural Studies from Oriental Studies Department of Warsaw University with specialization in Korean Studies. She also finished Sogang University Game Education Center in South Korea graduated Engineer of Multimedia at Game Graphics & Animation faculty.