Marek Madej – TBPI Concept Art

Marek Madej - He reached himself the presented level gaining acclaim of many clients The list includes: CD Projekt RED, Platige Image, Breakpoint, Farm 51, Teyon, Human Ark, Privateer Press and Paizo Publishing.

Wojtek Fus – TBPI Concept Art

Wojtek Fus - He took part in some very well-known projects including Star Wars Battlefrong II, Detroit: “Become Human”, “The Witcher 3”. He also started cooperation with acclaimed studios including: MPC, Disney/Lucasfilm, Blur, Unit Image, One Pixel Brush, CD Projekt Red, Guerrilla Games, Quantic Dream and Platige Image.

Michał Niewiara – TBPI Concept Art

Michał Niewiara - He is a graduate of Graphic and Media Art Department at The Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. His major tutors were Professors Wiesław Gołuch and Roman Kowalik. He worked with the following projects: “Skyforge”, “Polish Legends” or “Pilots” for Warsaw Roma Theatre.

Mathias Zamęcki – TBPI Concept Art

Mathias Zamęcki - Zamęcki is a concept artist, illustrator and matte painter. He has experience in creating games and animation as well as on advertisement field. He worked with many studios such as: Aaron Sims Creative, Blur Studio, CD Project RED, Juice, Paizo, Platige Image, Techland or Tyler West Studios.

Michał Sawtyruk – TBPI Concept Art

Michał Sawtyruk - He works for video games industry and advertisement sector. In his portfolio project portfolio are various works for companies including: Aggressive, Al Jazeera Media Network, Axis Animation, First Person, Platige Image, Quartz, Roof Studio, Televisor or The Sequence Group.

Piotr Arendzikowski – TBPI Concept Art

Piotr Arendzikowski - He graduated from Land Management at Department of Surveying and Mapping of Warsaw Technical University. He worked with many companies including Platige Image, Cryptozoic, Sony Online Entertainment, Fantasy Flight Games, CIGames, ORKA Studio, Arrinera Automotive or Paizo Publishing.

Sylwia Bomba – TBPI Concept Art

Sylwia Bomba - Finished 2D/3D Film Animation in Film Academy Accademia delle Arti Digitali Nemo in Florence under tutelage of Professors Federici Fabbri and Tony Tarantini. She is a winner of many awards and mentions. Her works can be seen at many domestic and foreign exhibitions.

Adrianna Głowacka – TBPI Concept Art

Adrianna Głowacka - Głowacka finished New Art Media Department at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. She designed scenography for Roma Theatre’s musical “Pilots” and for Music Theatre in Gdynia scenography for “Peter Pan” musical.

Bartłomiej Gaweł – TBPI Concept Art

Bartłomiej Gaweł - He graduated Sculpture at Painting and Sculpture Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław in Professor Leon Podsiadły's studio. Professionally works for CD Projekt Red. He took part in works on every part of game “The Witcher”.

Sławek Fedorczuk – TBPI Concept Art

Sławek Fedorczuk - He graduated from Philosophy Department of University of Szczecin. He is also a graduate of 3D Animation and Special Effects Academy – Drimagine. He worked with animated series in 3D, “Kacperiada” and took part in concept works for animated series “Flying Bear and the Gang”.