Andrzej Klimowski

Andrzej Klimowski – TBPI Poster

Andrzej Klimowski - From 1968 to 1972, he studied sculpture and painting at St. Martin’s School of Art in London and thereafter he moved to Poland where he started his postgraduate internship at the Faculty of Graphic Arts, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, at Professor Henryk Tomaszewski Poster Studio and at Film Animation Studio of Doctor Kazimierz Urbański (1973–1975).
Grzegorz Domaradzki

Grzegorz Domaradzki – TBPI Poster

Grzegorz Domaradzki - He completed his art studies at the Faculty of Workshop Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. He graduated in 2003 from the Metal Techniques Studio of Profesor Tadeusz Jackowski and the Drawing Studio of Professor Marek Zaborowski.
Jan Kallwejt

Jan Kallwejt – TBPI Poster

Jan Kallwejt - He is a self-taught artist. He has not done any art studies. For many years, he has worked as a graphic designer for various agencies in Poland and Germany.
Leszek Wiśniewski

Leszek Wiśniewski – TBPI Poster

Leszek Wiśniewski - In the years 1973‒1978, he studied painting, graphics and sculpture at the State Higher School of Arts in Poznań.

Andrzej Krajewski – TBPI Poster

Andrzej Krajewski - He began his artistic education at the State Higher School of Arts in Wrocław, however, after he was expelled, he continued his studies at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. In 1963, he received a Diploma from the Faculty of Graphic Arts in the Professor Henryk Tomaszewski Poster Studio.
© Tomasz Bogusławski

Tomasz Bogusławski – TBPI Poster

Tomasz Bogusławski - In the years 1977‒1982, he studied at the Faculty of Arts Designs, State Higher School of Arts (now: Academy of Fine Arts) in Gdańsk, under the supervision of Professor Marek Freudenreich (Graphic Design Basics Studio) and Professor Witold Janowski (Graphic Design Studio).

Rosław Szaybo – TBPI Poster

Rosław Szaybo - In 1955–1961, he studied at the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He graduated from the Studio of Graphic Arts of Professor Henryk Tomaszewski and the Painting Studio of Professor Wojciech Fangor.
Łukasz Kliś

Łukasz Kliś – TBPI Poster

Łukasz Kliś - In the years 1995‒2000, he studied at the Faculty of Industrial Forms of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He obtained his diploma in 2000 in the Chair of Space and Colour Design of Professor Barbara Suszczyńska-Rąpalska.
Ola Niepsuj

Ola Niepsuj – TBPI Poster

Ola Niepsuj - She studied at the Faculty of Graphics and Painting at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She graduated with recognition in 2010 from the Studio of Publishing Graphics Design of Professor Sławomir Kosmynka.

Ryszard Kajzer – TBPI Poster

Ryszard Kajzer - In the years 1994‒1999, he studied at the Faculty of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 1999, he obtained a diploma with distinctions in the Publishing Graphics Design Studio of Professor Lech Majewski. In 1997, he studied in Schule für Gestaltung in St. Gallen in Switzerland.